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The Price for Creativity

The Price for Creativity

"(The Senses) Take in at once the landscape of the world, At a small inlet, which a grain might close, And half create the wondrous world they see."
Edward Young 1683-1765

I view filmmaking an art form; pure art stemming from creativity, that forms from the depths of the soul, heart, mind, the world.  It is the small intricacies that form that vision, or rather the poetry of life and all that nature has to offer.  Such an abstract concept, yes, but recently I have discovered that this vision I have is unique.  Nothing extraordinary here really.  In fact I would hope that all filmmakers have a unique vision, one that speaks to the audience in a way that they have never been spoken to before.  What has become disturbing in all of this though is the financial brick wall that confronts every filmmaker, stopping their creativity, stifling it.  I refuse to pay the pay the price for Creativity.  It cannot come at a price.  I'm afraid creativity just doesn't work like that.  It is innate and it cannot be controlled, nor halted, nor allocated a price tag.

In this day and age, where technology has become so accessible and cheapened, is it really a huge necessity to have the most expensive camera, sound equipment, editing suite?  Or, the all elusive Hollywood star, exotic location, Special Effects team, and the list can go and on.  I have my own scripts in front of me, ready to be shot, and my creative side says, just shoot, while my other financial side says, you need more money because of this, this and this, but, in essence, I really don't.  I can make these films without the price tag and the phenomenal budgets that producers like to pour over.  Many filmmakers have made their films on minimal budgets.  Their unique vision stubbornly coming through, their creativity shining, making art.  PI cost around $50,000, El Mariachi around $7,000, and there are many other examples.  I don't need a lot of money to make my films for when I instil the monetary constraints I am compromising my art and I refuse to pay that price.

Stella Dimadis 2013


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