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"Oh heavens, how I long for a little ordinary human enthusiasm.  Just enthusiasm-that's all.  I want to hear a warm, thrilling voice cry out Hallelujah! Hallelujah! I'm alive!"

Look Back In Anger (1956) act 1

John Osborne

I constantly take my hat off to creatives who persevere with their vision, extrapolating their thoughts in a succinct manner to come up with a concept that cries out, touches the humane,  makes everything make so much sense.  It astounds me to see an idea develop, explode into a medium for all to experience and enjoy.  It doesn't matter what the art form; it can be writing, painting, photography, film, a basic formation of something small that grows, extends and finally reaches out to so many.  It comes together and grows with the energy that only enthusiasm can nourish and make happen.  More specifically it  comes about from human enthusiasm.  The enthusiasm of being human, of feeling alive.

I've spent a year developing a feature film script and I'd be lying if I were to say that it hasn't consumed my every waking moment, and in some of the most impossible uncompromising waking moments too.  But, that is just how a particular passion for a project is.  It knows no boundaries or rules, it just has to be and it will penetrate every neuron that is electrically excitable to become that something greater; an art form that speaks.

I'm a little nervous as I reach the end of this process, but I have eighty pages that encapsulate many wonderful characters and their journeys.  It's time to say goodbye to them as they sit on their pages with their words, constantly wondering now what they will be like when I greet them on the screen.  I have faith in them, after all they were created with enthusiasm, passion, never-ending perseverance on my part.  I did my duty, and stayed true to this, and why? Well,  just as Tarantino has said...because this is my time to make movies.

Stella Dimadis 2013


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