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4TH Greek Australian Short Film Festival


Four years ago, Jim Koutsoukos and Ange Arabatzis, decided that a platform to showcase Greek-Australian filmmakers was needed in Australia. The talent they found was immense. The venue was the Loop Bar in Melbourne, and filmmakers were enthusiastic and forthcoming with their films. Filmmakers had included, Christina Heristanidis, Viron Papadopoulos, John Evagora, Jim Stamatakos, George Goularas, Christos Linou, Bill Mousoulis, Jason Raftopoulos, Madeleine Parry, Christopher and Christine Kezelos, Anna Kannava, Anthony Maras, and myself, Stella Dimadis.
What they found was that the audience flocked, applauded and felt proud of these innovative filmmakers that were creating stories for and within Australia.

This year, Jim Koutsoukos, Stella Dimadis and Katerina Kotsonis joined with the Greek Film Festival, as part of Antipodes, secured Napoloeon Perdis as a sponsor for best film and have encountered phenomenal success, again with the array of filmmakers willing to participate and the extraordinary quality of work that some are doing, winning awards internationally and nationally. The films this year include, Joey, by John Evagora, You Know What? I love You, by Natalie Cunningham, The Maker, by Christopher Kezelos, Best Friend, By Koraly Dimitriadis and Nathan Little, Throw My Luck, by Luka Lesson, Father's Day, by Jason Raftopoulos, Dave's Dead, By Alethea Jones, Duke and Wyndsor, by Stella Dimadis, Car Lady & Bike Girl, by Maria Theodorakis. There will be four judges, George Donikian, Maria Mercedes, Emanuel Perdis and Blake Borcich, all talented individuals within their respective industries.

Unbeknown to the curators when putting the program together was the ratio of female filmmakers to males. In an industry that is primarily driven by males, the 4th Greek Australian Short Film Festival is proud to present an array of female directors of a Greek background working in the film industry and who are producing work of a very high quality. In many ways this is the trend that is sweeping European Cinema but against Hollywood where female directors are constantly fighting for equal positioning in the industry.

The 4th Greek Australian Short Film Festival is looking at growing and incorporating films of the Greek Diaspora from around the world in the future, in the same vain as The New York Greek Short Film Festival or the LA Greek Film Festival. The talent both here and overseas is extraordinary, storytelling is truly alive and well, and audiences are keen to absorb the visions that these filmmakers are portraying.

The 4th Greek Australian Short Film Festival will be showcased at The Palace Cinemas, Como, on the 21st of November, 2013 at 6.30 pm. Tickets can be purchased on line through Palace Cinemas.

  Katerina Kotsonis

 Jim Koutsoukos

  Stella Dimadis

Curators 2013.

Stella Dimadis 2013.


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