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Do Lectures

Do Lectures
24th April-27th April, 2014

There was one statement that I kept with me as I embarked on the incredible journey to the 'Do Lectures', a series of lectures, a first for Australia, and notably a unique series of 20 speakers sharing their passion with 70 attendees. That statement was simply, “once you attend the 'Do Lectures', your life is never the same, and you will go away from the lectures a changed person”. I was curious to see how this was to happen and what changes were going to be stirred within me.

The Do Lectures were conducted at Payne's Hut, within the Alpine region of Victoria; picturesque, unique, taming, and above all, reinvigorating.

We slept in tents, were fed gourmet food made by local produce and chefs, relaxed, listened and thought about journeys. Life long dreams that were made into tangible realities. I constantly thought about how I would change, and change I did.

That change revolved around my thinking process. Where in the past I would see that goals were set on a straight path, and were seen somewhere in the distance, I realised that goals are in fact set on a lateral fluid path. Goals can shoot off in all sorts of directions, but with the flexibility of lateral thinking they can be realised. It is all a matter of thinking about the process and actioning that. It doesn't matter if that thinking is not conventional, if it has the ability to move you closer to your goal, no matter how the path eventuates or sets out, it doesn't matter.

In essence there is no real right way, but lots of different ways, and sometimes those different ways may happen all at once. A goal created will take you on a huge journey until it is realised with many surprises along the way and new realisations that you may never have thought possible or imagined. For me that was a huge transformation in my mindset. A massive change in me. 

My happy selfie says it all.

The speakers throughout the Do Lectures Series were all phenomenal. Each speaker that came up to the podium, spoke about their individual passions, goals and aspirations, and all had achieved their goals. It was inspirational to hear them, and with every new speaker I was humbled to have been given the opportunity to listen to the extraordinary stories. I was constantly spellbound, and found myself affirming the importance of story telling in our community. As a filmmaker it is inherent in my nature, but it is not just about me. I gauged that all of the people that were there enjoyed listening to these stories, and all came away inspired in some way. To speak of ourselves in such a natural way, and share our journeys easily provides a bond between each other.

I commend the Do Lecture Series and all that were involved in setting this extraordinary and unique program, and of course Deakin University for providing an exceptional and rewarding experience for me. It is the stories that bound everyone together, and from these there will undoubtedly be new ones that will be formed, told and shared, to be passed down and around. I most certainly did change and my thinking process transformed. I am overly excited at seeing the possibilities unfold before me that can only be attributed to the inspirational stories where every single person was a 'doer'. I now know that I can follow my passion and that dream, with a lateral thought process that will allow me to 'DO'.    

Stella Dimadis
May 2014.


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