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The art of relaxation

The art of relaxation.

Art raises its head where creeds relax.” Friedrich Nietzche

One of my friends, a very hard worker at that, is basking under the Mediterranean sun as I write this, and she has been telling me about the lack of creative work whilst on holidays. Creativity is a constant and when there are times that it does not occur, like on a holiday or in bed due to an illness, a panic can set in, well, lets just say I am definitely known to panic when I don't create and I gather, she has been very panicky, like me, by the shear fact that she isn't creating. This got me thinking about the different stages of creativity, or rather, more specifically the times that creativity is at its most conducive, and I have to add that the greatest inspirations for creativity to occur, do in fact, arise in times of relaxation.
Being on holidays when the mind is at its most rested does allow it to wonder to places that it dares not go under normal circumstances where the pressures of daily living impinge every facet and corner of its creativity. The senses are at their most receptive whilst on holidays, allowing the ideas that are formulating to become even greater than ever thought possible. It really is surprising to see what arises from the musings of feeling like there is not much to do.

Quietude, warmth, comfort, fresh air, the company of loving people, animals, the sea, the country, and perhaps even the silence will all conspire effectively towards the manifestation of blossoming ideas and concepts. I liken it to meditation where the mind is allowed to be blank for a while, but in doing this, a wealth of ideas begin to seep carefully into it, declaring their existence and sustainability.

I told me friend to relax, enjoy her holiday, she works far too hard every other day in her life, so she should use this time to think about the inspirations around her that are waiting to be recognised, and acknowledged, for there must be many. When it is time to start working again she can make the ideas concrete, palpable; works of art, ready to be admired. There should never be any guilt in time away from the every day.

There is the surreal, and satisfying creation that is claimable, the artistic goal to reach, but, it cannot be a reality if there is not a period of relaxation before hand to make it happen. Holidays, time away, are imperative in the creative process, for without them there will not be any inspirations. Feel the freedom, allow the mind to leave its comfort zone, and above all fly beyond the allowable boundaries for the real magic is beyond those. Art can only be raised where creeds relax, and whether it is societal values, religious constrictions or one's own daily ritual of work and no play, the same rules apply.

August 2015

Stella Dimadis


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